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Trevor's Work


History's much loved American Pickers follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they scour the country for hidden treasures in junkyards, basements, garages and barns. They tell the story of America, one piece at a time.

History Detectives on PBS is devoted to exploring the complexities of historical mysteries, searching out the facts, myths and conundrums that connect local folklore, family legends and interesting objects. The History Detectives use traditional investigative techniques, modern technologies, and plenty of legwork to reveal new - and sometimes shocking - insights into American history.


History Detectives: Special Investigations is a limited series of one-hour documentaries in which famous mysteries from the American past are solved.

Civil War Terror is the story of the war waged by irregulars, secret agents and spies on both sides of the Mason Dixon Line. Incorporating interviews with experts, written sources, archival photographs and reenactments, it brings this hidden side of the war vividly to life.


Rock and Roll history: celebrated Massachusetts cult band The Pixies reunites for a world-wide sell-out tour. Loud Quiet Loud, named after their signature sound, recounts the history of the band and their times, their legacy, and follows along with them as they negotiate musical differences, aging, and egos on one of the greatest reunion tours in popular music history.

Royal Inquest explores some of the biggest scandals and solves some of the most enduring mysteries of royal families throughout history and across the globe. Episodic series for TLC.

Stephen's Work


Prussian Blue: A History of the Order Pour le Mérite: awarded by various Hohenzollern kings and emperors for nearly 180 years, the Order Pour le Mérite’s greatest renown would come with Germany’s air aces of World War I. The mystique of Boelcke, Immelmann and von Richthofen - all were enhanced by the blue enameled cross. From its beginnings as a tool of Frederick the Great, attempting to earn the Pour le Mérite in combat brought the demise of many soldiers, sailors and airmen. This is the story of that award's humble beginnings, and its rise and fall as Imperial Germany’s highest decoration for valor.

Imperial Sky is the acclaimed book series offering the first in-depth study of the qualification badges of the Imperial German Air Services. Fly again with the pilots and Zeppelin commanders who made history, examining in extreme detail the uniforms and awards that motivated and inspired Imperial Germany's elite Air Services. Special permission was granted to access archives and museums in Europe, the UK, and across the USA, with new, painstaking research techniques and forensic recording of observations to bring readers “up close” to these highly sought after artifacts. Previtera: "I pushed myself to the extreme to get the answers others only speculate about. We needed to solve a mystery here. History is not a collection of spare parts, but a story to be told in its entirety.”

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Books designed by Previtera as part of a volunteer effort to support the memorial to men and women service members of small town America who made the supreme sacrifice for our nation.

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