Trevor Ristow

The thrash of Motörhead. The mechanized anxiety of Suicide. The poignancy of Leonard Cohen. The arrogance of Bowie. The Sisters Of Mercy combined it all to create an unforgettable noise.


From 1980 to 1985 lead singer and master strategist Andrew Eldritch maneuvered The Sisters Of Mercy from the grimy pubs and student unions of Northern England to London’s storied Royal Albert Hall. Then the whole thing fell apart.


Based on original research and a thorough reading and synthesis of hundreds of interviews, articles and reviews, Waiting For Another War  is a chronicle of The Sisters Of Mercy’s brilliant and tumultuous years from ‘The Damage Done’ to First And Last And Always.

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This printing is hardcover and strictly limited to 200 signed copies.


250 pages.

50 black and white illustrations.

6 x 9 inches.

ISBN 781734 479324.

$40.00 + shipping.