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Thank you for your interest in Waiting For Another War: A History of The Sisters Of Mercy Vol. I: 1980-1985.

I remember being in London in October 1986. Already a diehard Sisters fan with two volumes of the fanzine Romance And Assassination under my belt, I went to Camden High Street to catch just a little bit of the scene I was in love with. The Sisters were gone but still very much alive in record shops at that time, with a new bootleg every few months. On that trip I bought Live In The Troyan Horse, Obscure In Darkness, and Through The Years. I recall the palpable thrill I felt at finding these treasures —  the beautifully made box set with a photo I’d never seen, the colored vinyl inside. I remember fondling the box and the sleeves, examining the discs, anxious to get back home to my record player.


Waiting For Another War is an expression of my passion for a band whose music has been my constant companion since I was a young teenager. In it I recount the history of the band's early years, and attempt to make sense of them as a creative phenomenon. I hope it can recreate for other fans a little bit of the excitement of my experience collecting Sisters stuff — the new single, the Palazzograssi releases, the Kiss The Blade ‘zines. With this book I wanted to create an object that fans would want to keep in a culture that encourages disposability, a tangible artifact in a digital world.



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