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Shipping one of these books to Europe or the UK costs $24.50. That is the cheapest price available, I am sorry to say.

Some buyers have found a friend who also wants a copy to split the shipping, since the price to ship two books is still $24.50. I think this is a great idea.

Since this issue has come up, I will also address it: if you live in Europe or the UK, the postage on your label reads $23.28. That is because the USPS has received $23.28, and PayPal took $1.22 at the time you paid. So the postage still cost $24.50. You are not overpaying for postage by $1.22.


If you still find the $24.50 international shipping charge too high, I have some wonderful news: you can use this form to email me and tell me why you deserve to have me pay, in full or in part, for your shipping:

I Want Cheaper Shipping

Thanks for submitting!

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